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Risks Control

Fire - Explosion - Intrusion
Polution & Professionals

Engineering, Procurement and Construction - Prefabrication and erection - Maintenance - Risk assessment - Training & Consulting

Fire Detection and Suppression

Simplex a Tyco Group company a world leader in fire detection, suppression  and solution provider for special risks destined to indutrials enterprises and institutional clients.

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Fire Detection and Suppression

Dedicated to fire-prevention systems since 1978, the AGUILERA GROUP has achieved the renown as a national company capable of triumphing in the international environment.

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Emergency lighting

Spanish intelligent and conventional emergency lighting solution provider since 1970. 

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Safety and Environment

Swiss Environment and Safety is a consulting firm in the field of Environment and Safety operating in Canada and worldwide.

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Emergency signs

The major activities of Sinalux are the reseach, the development and the marketing of safety products with photolumiscent caracteristics such as safety signs and emergency evacuation plans. 

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